Vicar's Blog

[Rev. Mike Saunders]

First things first

One of my favourite passages in the bible is John 15 where Jesus says “I am the vine and you are the branches”. The words “remain” and “bear fruit” are repeated many times because these are the things Jesus would like us to do.

At this time of year each year I like to think afresh about “remain in Christ”. Like everyone else I lead a busy overscheduled life with many appointments every day while at the same time juggling the competing needs of my wife, my children and my work, (although unlike some I am religious about getting my beauty sleep!). In contrast Jesus seems to be saying “Stay connected with me”.

So during the school summer holidays our weekly worship continues but many of the church activities, like toddlers, the youth group and our home groups all stop for a few weeks. And I want to encourage each of us to do the same, to “remain in Christ” and to prune away some of the busyness. What I do personally is to prioritise my daily devotions and weekly worship and take a little time each day to read a book. Others may need to prioritise sleep or exercise but I would encourage you to show that weekly worship is important to you by putting it in in your calendar.

So let’s use the school summer holidays to rebalance our lives and to make “remaining in Christ” more important.