Vicar's Blog

[Rev. Mike Saunders]

The most common causes of death

I was surprised to hear about the most common causes of death. What would you say is the most common cause of death in men aged 0 – 50?

Well I was surprised to hear it is not cancer or road traffic accidents but rather suicide is the most common cause of death in men for more than the first half of their lives. I was shocked to hear this and it set me thinking “What are the causes?” and “What can we do to stop these men reaching such despair?”

I have had a couple of conversations about this and one thing that men seem to agree on is that work is a blessing and that being made redundant or being unable to find work is a terrible curse. So I was pleased to hear that Hungerford Town council plan to host a jobs fair in the town hall on Thursday 18 October and let’s all pray for full employment here in Hungerford.

Perhaps another contributing factor is the fragility of relationships these days. Another statistic which shocked me is that 42% of people in our society are divorced. So I would encourage you to join me in praying that Mums and Dads stay together for ever.

And lets all do what we can to give men aged 0 – 50 a good listening to!