Home Groups

[Young Adults gathered at a Bible Study]

Home groups are groups of around ten people who meet during the week.

They give us the opportunity to ask questions and discover what the Bible means for our lives today. They provide a place we can get to know one another better, encourage and support each other as we grow in our Christian lives, and care for each other’s needs.

What happens in a home group?

At each meeting we have a time of worship, perhaps with some music, either listening or singing. We then look at the Bible together and discover how to apply it to our daily lives, before bringing one another’s needs to God in prayer. Meetings last around two hours and include time to catch up socially.

Confidentiality is important; everything that is said in the group stays in the group. This creates a very safe environment in which people can talk openly and honestly.

Why join a home group?

  • To get to know other church members in a more informal setting. This enables us to form strong and genuine friendships with other Christians.
  • To look at God’s word in more depth with more time for discussion. We can learn how to apply God’s word to our lives, and freely and openly ask questions.
  • To pray for each other, the church, our neighbourhood and the world and to be encouraged as we see prayers answered.
  • To build each other up, support and care for each other and grow in faith together.
  • Our home groups usually follow the topic covered in the previous Sunday’s sermon. So come along, ask your questions, discuss your thoughts and grow as a person to fulfil God’s plan for you.

How do I join?

Each of our home groups started as an Alpha course, so the best way to join is to do an Alpha course where you will make some friends and hopefully stay together.

Current Theme

From January 2020, our topic will be Matthew: Gospel of Fulfilment (see the topics/notes below).


Week Topic Notes Sermon Bible Reference
1 Preparing for the King Matthew 3:1-17
2 The Beginning of the Kingdom Matthew 4:1-25
3 The Law of the King Matthew 5:1-6:18
4 The Powers of the King Matthew 8:1-9:17
5 The Parables of the King Matthew 13:1-58
6 The Revelation of the King Matthew 15:1-16:20
7 Life in the Kingdom Matthew 18:1-35
8 The King Condemns the Rebels Matthew 23:1-39
9 Preparation for the King's Return Matthew 25:1-46