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Be with Jesus, Become like Jesus and Do what Jesus did

The New Year is a great time to think about “What are we on earth for?” Far too much of our lives are full sitting on a motorway, of meetings at work and answering the emails. But New Year is a time to stop and think and to re-order our priorities.

I have been challenged over recent weeks by the teaching of John Mark Comer about Practicing the Way of Jesus and the simple idea that what we do regularly will shape who we become. So I want to encourage you to join me as I practice to Be with Jesus, to Become like Jesus and to Do what Jesus did. I am going to make six simple practices a regular part of my ordinary everyday life and I would encourage you to do the same.

So to help me to Be with Jesus,
I am going to Worship weekly and Read the bible daily.
To help me to Become like Jesus
I am going to Read daily and Learn Together weekly
And to help me to Do what Jesus did
I am going to Eat with others and Serve my neighbours

And I would encourage you to think about “What are your regular habits?” because they will be shaping who you are becoming. So for example if we spend more time listening to the news than listening to God then we may well become as cheerful as a news reader! Or if we spend more time shopping than worshipping together then we may well end up wanting more and more stuff.

Whereas what I want for me and for you is for us to Be with Jesus, to Become more like Jesus and to Do what Jesus did.