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Choose Faith not Fear

The rapidly evolving coronavirus pandemic seems to be revealing both the fear and selfishness of some as well as the faith and generosity of others.

Christians have much to offer in this crisis simply by being people of faith and not allowing ourselves to be sucked into pandemic fear. Fear comes when we try to control things which are out of our control. Whereas faith demonstrates that we trust God to be with us even when the circumstances around us are out of our control.

Throughout history when there have been plagues Christians have tended the sick and cared for the bereaved. So let’s place our trust in almighty God, he is not surprised by this virus, he knows when we need to self isolate and when it is good to meet in small groups for mutual support.

I would encourage you to notice what increases your fear and to try to remove that activity from your life. So for example the World Health Organisation have suggested that we only listen to the news once a day and that seems like great advice.

Notice also what increases your sense of achievement and do more of that. So for example there may be a book you want to read, or there maybe some little jobs round the house or garden. We plan to panic buy some paint so that if we have to self isolate we will be able to paint the bathroom!

Jesus said “Trust in God trust also in me” and no matter what the media say God is still trustworthy, he loves us like the perfect parent and he wants the best for us.

So let’s choose faith and not fear.